New Occidental Poetry

Perpetual Struggle of Ethereal Years

Minutes pass by like hours,
hours last for days,
and the days are like
an entire season has passed.
What year it is? Time has evaded me.
Full of emptiness, I think of you,
faceless, nameless, bodiless, lifeless...
the one who will accompany me
out of this genial entrapment.
Oh, such a claustrophobic meaningless,
what are you?

Has the winter elapsed four times,
or has it been but a moment?
I hear one million screams
surrounding me and I am so invisible
Deaf, I yell to the crowd
in the accurate moment when this yuga dies
Shall the hours forever return?
Shall my life become into death?
A lifetime in waiting is a lifetime in death.

-Nora Virginia & Francisco Albanese

Arthur Powell