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An interlude: Atop The Cliffs welcomes Matthew Wildermuth to the team


I launched this poetry journal in late 2017 and it has grown slowly and steadily over time. There have been a few hiccups in publishing, but such is the way of things when you are a one man band. Today I am happy to announce that Atop The Cliffs is welcoming Matthew Wildermuth to the team.

Matthew brings with him great passion and energy for poetry, being a far more accomplished writer than myself. He also has a vision to grow our Social Media Presence, something that has been neglected for quite some time now.

This is also a good time to reflect on what Atop The Cliffs stands for, a

Revolt Against The Modern World

Fundamentally we are a poetry journal that exists to promote truth, beauty, and justice. We offer a home to dissidents who know there is something wrong in the world. Who speak Truth where it is not welcome, and who engage in art to promote true Beauty.

As Matthew launches our new social media channels I caught up with him to introduce him to our readership.

Who are you?

I am Matthew Wildermuth, a father, poet, and video artist from North Dakota. My work has appeared in Atop the Cliffs, Terror House Magazine, Concentric Literary Magazine, Europa Sun, and is forthcoming in The Society of Classical Poets.

Why do you think Atop the Cliffs is a valuable Journal to support?

Of the many radical transformations of the past century, the development of a didactic anti-art is the most troubling to this artist. We have seen aesthetic standards discarded in favor of political and social activism, rendering our most cherished journals mere vessels of ideology. To see the emergence of journals such as Atop the Cliffs, which value merit above all else, is incredibly encouraging, and I am most eager to aid this wonderful journal in what way I may.

Who are some of your favorite poets and why?

European literature revolves around one bright star: William Shakespeare. His genius was so profound, his influence so ineluctable, that any such conversation may lapse into something akin to worship. It is he above all others whom I enjoy to read. I also find keen pleasure in the Romantics, especially Percy Shelley, and a few Modernists, such as Hart Crane and Rainer Maria Rilke.

What are your plans for Atop the Cliffs' new social media presence?

What Mr. Powell has built is a treasure, and I hope to spread the message of this journal's worth. Our Twitter and Facebook accounts will feature threads discussing works published in Atop the Cliffs as well as classic poetry. Our YouTube channel will also soon launch, featuring an interview series with both poets and lovers of poetry, titled The Rattling Pebbles Review—named for the astonishingly powerful short poem composed by Yeats in reaction to Arnold's Dover Beach, with its “receding sea of faith” and Nietzschean implications:

The Nineteenth Century And After

THOUGH the great song return no more
There's keen delight in what we have:
The rattle of pebbles on the shore
Under the receding wave.

Any last thoughts for our readers?

Our beloved art, poetry, is facing a crisis, yet its magical power will never cease as long as men strive to express the immediate profundity of their experience in carefully crafted words. Poetry will recover from this age of chaos, and this process begins now: with the composition and reading of new works striving to be worthy of consideration alongside our great canon.

Thanks Matthew! We’re looking forward to your content

-Arthur Powell, Editor.

Arthur Powell