New Occidental Poetry

by the looking glass

by the looking glass
in overcast of inky blood
draped thick in purple
from a numen reverie backdrop
gashing a wall of lofty myrtle
low and heavy vaulting
carrying a whiff of oily poppy
the cage's sides clawing
eyes ablaze
the ever zetetic xerox
arrives all ghastly

in leviathan hide
nostrils sputtering
primeval ylem
full chalice raised
atop the rod
amphisbaena entwined
elixir and bane

to mix to wait

the man in black
in damp shivers
an exequies
for millions
with hands a blade
slashing open sedulously
the belly of the wale

-gottcha bucko!

detergic deliverence

convinced it was a lobster.

-Adrian Frantz

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Arthur PowellAdrian Frantz