New Occidental Poetry


Freya's Daughters Are Warm and Soft
Nubian Queens Set Passion Aloft
The lotus blossom makes a refined craft
And the dusky maidens roar ablaze
From opulent manor to desert tent
I sojourn with pure intent
An intellectual cytherean bent
To travel well the female roadways
Through countless vistas I have seen
The fiery creatures whose ardors have been
To conflagrate me in a voluptuous dream
From pale to dark, all a fair graze
Lovingly I prey on all
To bring beauties to heel, my adventurer's call
The day which I pray will never fall
When the end comes to my chase
Radiance from the corners of Earth
A cornucopia of women the greatest mirth
All colors and creeds form my berth
A trophy hoard for my eternal gaze

- Larsen Halleck