New Occidental Poetry


And they got me at last
Their dummies and drones
Shot me down from afar
And they didn’t even see my face
Oh and death came so fast
And with guns and with bombs
I blew up like a star
The last of this alien race

And they went to the morgue
The pins and the puns
Were all danglin’ from me
And they didn’t even know my name
Oh and Gog and Magog
They danced and they pranced
On their democracy
As they laid me to rest in a grave

And they took out my brain
With scalpel and saw
I was trapped in a box
And they didn’t even ask the Q
Oh the fury and pain
But by god and his flood
There will still be a fox
Who comes with an opposite view

-Lilou & John

Lilou & John are a Dissident Right music group. You can visit their website at