New Occidental Poetry

The Masculine Scribe

When emotions stand to deluge and flood
And the Furies' maelstrom enflames the blood
Man forgoes blade, plow, and libation imbibe
And puts pen to paper, for he is a scribe
The subjects are many, the reaches are vast
Hopes, lusts, and furors are drawn from the past
No order was given, no structures formal
His verse an outpour of his raw, natural soul
His hands are callused, and his thews are hard
His reality coarse, an unlikely bard
But his verse is stirring, meter no diatribe
His existence is shocking, a muscular scribe
His poetical peers are a contemptuous lot
Delicate sinews, and perversive in thought
These are the sophists the kings endorse
The death of men's poetry a matter of course
But one man can wage an eternal fight
His defiance alone won't end poetry's plight
But the die is cast; arise, a new tribe
Reclaim the beauty of the masculine scribe!

- Larsen Halleck.