New Occidental Poetry

Paean to Hope


Sad Hope, for she cannot see
would she watch even if she could
be granted sight miraculously
we might do then as we should
to wisdom then; to truth draw near
did sight itself lead us here
This precipice overlooking the sea--
Hope does not know; she cannot fear;

Blind world; whose justice is blind
Impotent without a power of sight
Men do in open what she cannot find
Robbed for safety of decisive might;
The one-note song of Hope's refrain
Will not be heeded in the main
And Justice and Hope fumble in the night
Hope is not dead; she is not slain;

Crouch low, and pass through the fire
Bent like beggars, we scrape the dirt
Strike Hope's song upon the lyre
For those who still with Mercy flirt
Pretend to blindness, but soon must free
Justice, which itself is Mercy--
A spectacle of ruin, which cannot hurt
Sad Hope, for it she cannot see.

- Ephrem Antony Gray

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