New Occidental Poetry

A Simple Set, Neglected

In every woman’s closet is a set of clothes
An outfit that they keep hidden away
Encouraged to do so by media, old maids, and men
Intent on telling them what the meaning of beauty is
Dead set in diametric opposition to this one set of clothes

Lined up before this set on the rail of desire
Hanger upon hanger of every outfit imaginable
Elegant dresses from faraway places
Skimpy outfits to distract and attract
Tattered rags for the illusion of apathy

Beneath the rail in a haphazard heap
More shoes than it is possible to keep
Unholy high heels with straps that climb
Ungainly boots that stomp and protest
Boys’ shoes with misplaced utility

And the jewelry! baubles of great price
Gifts from submissive suitors
Offerings from obsequious admirers
Desperate attempts at mineral fulfillment
More flare and shine than one could imagine

All of this wrought, wrapped, and rendered
With one single purpose: to draw the eye
To beguile the mind
To make the woman, all women,
Avoid this one simple set of clothes

This one outfit, so simple and plain
Comfortable shoes that have distance in their souls
Sturdy pants, or a dress, that bear up under friction and wash well
A blouse that takes stains as badge of a meaningful life lived
A simple ribbon to hold rambunctious locks in place when there is work to be done

This one outfit, so natural and necessary
Maligned by the craven and evil and barren
Feared by the mass of faux fecund fools
Mocked by the soulless, infertile faggots
A simple set of clothes that shakes the foundations of fake society

-Frederick Algernon