New Occidental Poetry

Death comes to the Archbishop

Death comes to the archbishop,
and rides upon the horizon.
Christ sees him, so comes and weeps,
as the gangrene is cut off God's God-Son.

Deadly daily disordo mass masks
tyrant grabass and sodom bass behind the synod,
almsgiving the only riven only riveting charity caritas shown
for pecuniary gambols boys and girls are flown, set to mammon-God

Bernie bloody burning days death stretches its legs in Rome
and calls beyond itself in home legging Hell a paradise,
damning death a lying light, daring bright a burning light,
setting souls a burning light all to Gallilee despie.

All to all might high surprise, all to day the day delight,
all to cut the demon sight, eight in the gallilee morning.

-Solon of the East

Arthur Powell