New Occidental Poetry

The NPC upon the Corner

I came upon him standing there
Upon a corner
His sign proclaimed loud and clear
"In Trump we Fear"

His face was rageful, spitting froth
Pink hat bounced
Barking slogans with the crowd
Upon command he raised his hands

What Quest could this NPC offer?
Upon engagement
To me he did proffer
Rote statements of 'fascism' and 'hate'

And all around the crowd did swirl
A bland collection of angry faces
Mind blank he sputtered at me

"But how do you not see?"
"Trump is evil, fascist, not me"
My dear fellow
Did I reply with a twinkling in my eye
You are mistaken - he is but a liberal of yesteryear
There is nothing here to fear

Before he could reply
The refrain came once again
"No wall, no border, no USA at all"
Unable to break free he stood there
Shouting along

His mind empty for all to see.

-Arthur Powell

Arthur PowellArthur Powell