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We publish Poetry from the Right


Atop The Cliffs aims to publish poetry from the Right. Whether you are a Western Chauvinist, a Hoppean Libertarian, or an Identitarian we aim to cultivate a home for organically grown right-leaning poetry. We stand for Beauty, Truth, and Justice, in art.


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Poets retain all rights to their work and may republish wherever they see fit. If we are your initial place of publishing we request only that you link back to us.


Arthur Powell is Editor in Chief for Atop The Cliffs. He resides in CONUS and spends his time attempting to write poetry and preparing for civilization's collapse. The project is self-financed.



"I am from the land of trees and forests, of oaks and wild boars, of vineyards and sloping roofs, of epic poems and fairy-tales, of the winter and summer solstices." - Dominique Venner